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Kusi-Quyllur Del Castillo is a Peruvian cinematographer based in Brooklyn, NY. Born and raised in the Andes region of Peru, Kusi’s work in research and photojournalism in conflict areas across Peru gives her a unique perspective in storytelling and putting stories based on and inspired by reality at the center of her work.

As a rising filmmaker in New York, Kusi-Quyllur has worked with Fortune 500 companies, including Mastercard and Walmart, making branded content, short documentaries, and commercials. Her film "Post-Term" was the recipient of the Gotham Award Short films Showcase in 2022. Her experimental film “My Heart, My Fellow Traveler” has been screened in over twenty film festivals internationally. Her latest films  “One More Time with Feeling” and “Kusi Smiles” are currently running on festivals. 


As a female cinematographer with Andean roots and Latin background, Kusi has made her personal goal to tell stories that represent women and indigenous communities, giving a voice and platform to their narratives.

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